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Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing (without Website)

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you are thinking of making money by starting something called Affiliate Marketing, but you don’t know how to make a Website or you don’t want to waste your time making one, then no worries, you are at the right place.

Affiliate marketing is possible without a website as well.


Basically, In affiliate marketing, you main job is to get your audience (people visiting your online content) to the Company’s website (for which you are an Affiliate Marketer) to buy a product or service that they are offering. Doesn’t matter how you get them there (not compulsorily a website). Once your visitors reach that Company’s Website and buys any product or service offered by them, you straight away get a percentage cut of the price of that product or Service in the form of Commission. Simple as that.

Now, a Website is not the only way to get people to your Affiliate Company’s website. Then what is it?

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

I am pretty sure, you might have visited if not thousands, but surely hundreds of YouTube Videos on the Internet by now. And if you recall, you might have heard that person in that YouTube video often saying “Please check on the link below in the description…..”  right ?

Yes, that’s nothing else but his/her (person in that video) Affiliate Link most of the time.

Apart from YouTube, in the same way, you can get people to reach your Affiliate Company’s website or platform thru your Social media posts/pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

You can put your Affiliate Links provided by your Affiliate Company in your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts…and on other social media posts as well.

When visitors of your YouTube channel see and click on those Affiliate links mentioned by you, they get directed to your Affiliate company’s website or platform. Same way you can get your Facebook page or Instagram page or Twitter visitors to click on your Affiliate links provided in there. This is more easier way to do Affiliate Marketing than doing it thru your own website.

Making a website is a very much time consuming process, especially for newbies, that too newbies who are not technical, means who don’t have technical know how about making a website.

Therefore, not all people who are Affiliate Marketers use a Website for getting people towards their Affiliate Company’s platform.  instead many of them actually use YouTube as a way to do Affiliate Marketing by posting the links in the description. You can also do the same.

Start your own YouTube channel, make good Videos regularly and post them online, along with the links in the description of your videos. Similarly make Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts (if you don’t have them yet) and post your Affiliate Links in there.

But Hold On….

Before you just get excited and jump into going these easy ways, I would recommend you all, first do some research about anything and everything that you think of making online like YouTube Videos and social accounts etc.

Just making random YouTube videos and posting random content on Social media also won’t work for your Affiliate Marketing. You need to make and post relevant content on the internet. Nothing random is going to work.  

The first and the most important thing you need to consider to be successful in Affiliate Marketing is to get good amount of Traffic (good amount of Visitors) on your YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

But before that you will have to create traffic towards your YouTube channel. People should like your YouTube channel so very much so that they come back and see your YouTube channel again and again. If people like your YouTube videos, and they visit each and every of your new videos, that would mean that you have won hearts of your visitors. Then they would listen to what you say, and this way they would also listen to you telling them about your Affiliate link in the description of your video and high would be their chances of visiting those Affiliate links and get you Affiliate Sale conversions.

For the Companies that you affiliate for, it doesn’t matter most of the time which way and how do you bring them the Sale.  For that that particular Sale to be considered your eligible Sale (on which you will earn commission amount), the visitor should be reaching the Company’s website / Platform thru your Affiliate Links in the above mentioned ways. (Though, be sure to read Terms & Conditions of the Affiliate Company, about where you can and you cannot place your Affiliate links for that link to be considered eligible for your commissions earning, since different Affiliate Companies have different Terms & Conditions sometimes)

The best and the easiest way to earn thru Affiliate Marketing without a website is, YouTube.

Its easy to create a YouTube channel of your own. You just have to make and upload good quality and value providing videos to your audience. Now a days people are more preferring to visit YouTube videos instead of  visiting a website to quickly search something or basically anything, be it entertainment, news, researching about a product.. etc.  

There are many Affiliate provider Companies / Platforms for which you could start doing Affiliate marketing with or without having a Website. Some of the most Popular and worth working for Affiliate Platforms are :

  1. Amazon
  2. Share A Sale
  3. ClickBank
  4. Awin
  5. Advantage Affiliate Network

and the list is long…..

Now you know that it is fairly easy to do Affiliate Marketing even without making and having a Website.

The only disadvantage of doing Affiliate Marketing without a Website is that you might have less amount of Affiliate sale conversions in the long run, compared to how much you can have if you own a Website.

If you are trying to make Affiliate Marketing your career, then you will definitely need one good Website or more than one good Websites, because Affiliate Marketing thru ways other than a Website, might some times work out for you instantly and immediately. but the amount of Sale and earnings that those channels can give you, might be way less in the long run.

Hope you might have got a good insight about whether or not you can do Affiliate Marketing with or without a Website.

Keep enjoying your Online journey.


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