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How to Earn Money online with YouTube in 2022

make money online with youtube

You have heard and read a lot that you can make money on YouTube. But did you know the exact ways to make money online with YouTube.

Making money on YouTube !!! Yes a lot of you are being curious each day now a days about making YouTube as a passive, or many a times even making YouTube as your main stream source of Income.

As of today, YouTube is the most dominant Video Search engine and Video Sharing platform.

Did you know YouTube is used by more than 2 billion people around the world as of January 2022. That is to say more than quarter of the world population watches YouTube each month. YouTube is the second largest online search enging after Google.

But apart from the above statistics, did you know that you can earn money out of YouTube.

Yes, YouTube is one of the biggest online earning platforms and it is the one platform that could get you the most money in the quickest of time if you are a creative person. Why ? and How?

First let me tell you Why? is YouTube considered as the biggest earning Platform.

That’s because it’s the second most popular Social Media platform in the world. Every single day, YouTube is watched more than a billion hours. Its available in around 80 different languages worldwide. People watch YouTube every single day for different purposes, i.e entertainment (watch movies, series etc.), health & fitness, world and local news, business, gaming, cooking, fashion, travel,… and the list goes on.

Having said that, people from almost all different fields and industry watch YouTube, and with that big amount of people watching YouTube each single day, you as a video creator (about anything) putting your video content on YouTube, have very high chances of getting your videos watched by millions of people around the world every day.

Now lets come to your question as to How? can you earn from posting or putting up your Videos on YouTube.

I will brief you about 5 different ways, you can start earning money just by posting Videos on YouTube.

But before I show you on how you can start earning real money with YouTube, let me tell you firmly that, in order to be able to start earning on this amazing platform, you should be absolutely willing to put in 100% of your genuine efforts and hard work and long hours of your time in order to be successfully earning good amount of money. There is no shortcut to success.


Here are 5 different ways to earn on YouTube.

  1. Google Adsense

    google adsense
    What is Google Adsense. I will come straight to the point so that you don’t have to read long.

    After putting up number of  Videos on YouTube, when you fulfill certain criteria and become eligible, Google starts putting Advertisements in your videos, which can be at the start of your Video, or in middle or at the end of your Video. When people while watching your YouTube Videos, see those Google Advertisements that shows up in between, Google will pay you money for those watched advertisements, and also if someone clicked any of those advertisements.

    The amount of money that Google will pay you will vary upon the number of people watched those advertisements and separately number of people clicked those advertisements. So the more number of people watching your Videos, more chances of you earning high through this method.

    But what is the criteria or eligibility for getting the Adsense advertisements to be running on your YouTube  videos ?

    First of all, you need to enroll in YouTube Partner Program. You can read the terms and conditions here to enroll in YouTube Partner Program.

    After enrolling in this program, you need to create the Google Adsense account and get it approved from Google in order to get the ads running on your Videos.

    The main criteria to get eligible for getting this account approval is, you should have minimum of 1000 Subscribers to your YouTube channel, and the total number of views summing up on all your videos should not be less than 4000 in terms of  hours of watching. This means that any or all the videos that are watched by any number of people on your YouTube channel should sum up to at least 4000 hours counting from the exact date 1 year back from the current date.

    If you fulfill the above 2 criteria, you will get your Adsense account approved and you will start earning money instantly as soon as your YouTube audience starts watching the ads on your Videos.

    Isn’t that great !!!!

  2. Affiliate Marketing

    affiliate marketing
    Affiliate marketing in short is, when you do marketing or promotion for someone or someone’s products or services.

    This can be done through the videos that you upload on YouTube. How?

    In the description of your YouTube Videos, you can provide the links provided by the companies whose products or services you want to promote. After watching your Videos, if someone wants to buy that particular product or service, they can do so by clicking that link in your Video description. And when they finish the buying process by completing the payment of that product or service, you get a percentage of Commission of that sale amount. This is called Affiliate marketing.

    This is how you can earn by affiliate marketing. This is the most quickest way of earning real money online.

    But one important thing I would like to mention here is that the link of the product or service that you would put in your Video description should be relevant to the content of that Video in which you are adding that link.

    For example, if you are uploading a Video about Fitness or exercising, you should promote and put the affiliate links of the products related to food supplements, like Whey protein or exercising tools or machinery which one uses in the Gym, because these products are relevant to the content of your Video, which is about fitness. You cannot put affiliate links of Gyming products in a Travel blog or Video. No one would be interested in buying Gym products who have come to watch about travel.

    I hope you get the point.

  3. Sponsored Content

    earn money with sponsored content
    Sponsored content is the content in the Video that you upload on YouTube in which you talk about or show the products or services that are sponsored by some company who wants you to promote their products or services through your Videos. Here you would be a bit confused that what is the difference in affiliate marketing and sponsored content. In both, you are promoting someone’s products or services.

    Yes, you will be promoting some company’s products or services in both, affiliate marketing and in a Video which has sponsored content. The difference is, in affiliate marketing through affiliate links in your videos, you get only a  percentage of the total amount of sale you were able to get to that company. If no one clicks your affiliate links and no one buys anything through your links, you will not be paid anything by that company.

    But through Sponsored video, you can fix a good amount of money to be paid to you for the products or services you are talking about or showing in your Video. Regardless of someone buys that product or service or not through watching your video, you will be paid the money which is agreed upon by the company whose products/services you promoted in your Video.

    You can earn more and sometimes huge amount of money with Sponsored content in your YouTube Videos. Many celebrities have made tons of money and became millionaire promoting sponsored content via their social media

  4. Sell Products

    If you are already doing some kind of business or providing any kind of service, then you can make YouTube Videos related to those. In Video you can let your audience know about your work or business or services and thereby in your video description you can provide links to your business and sell your own products or services.

    For example if you are in education sector, you can make your own E-Books and provide links to it, or if you are conducting Virtual Online Classes, you can provide the link to your classes.

    This way you can sell your own products and services through your YouTube Videos and make money.

    The benefit of Selling your own products instead of selling or promoting someone else’s products or services via Affiliate Marketing or Sponsored Content as mentioned above, is that you keep the full amount of the Sales proceeds that you get upon selling your products / services unlike only just some portion of percentage of the sales amount in Affiliate marketing or Sponsored Content.

  5. Subscriptions

    This is a great way of earning handsome amount of money through getting your viewers or audience to subscribe to the content that you are providing to them. These can be of two types, first is one time subscription or project based and another can be a recurring one.

    One time subscriptions are for the products or services you provide to your followers to access a specific content that you made for a particular purpose which is normally a one time product or service.

    Recurring subscription are the exclusive access of your products or services that are further in detail or are the entire content or are the full access to your products or services that you provide to your subscribers.

    If you have high number of people watching your YouTube videos, this kind of earning mode can be very lucrative as you will be getting paid on recurring basis either weekly or monthly or yearly depending on the type of subscription you provide to your YouTube audience.


Now, you are thinking what kind of videos (niche) you should upload on YouTube in order to get most views and subscribers to your channel so that you implement the above mentioned strategies to start earning money.

So here are some of the types of videos you can upload

  • Unboxing Videos

You can make videos on some products, like you can review or compare any of the products you are interested in on your videos, those can be of mobile phones, home appliances, fashion accessories, electronics etc..

Initially you might have to bear the real cost of the products that you are reviewing or comparing on your videos, because you have to actually buy them new from the market and shoot the unboxing of the product you bought, very less brands or companies know you at the initial stage of your uploading videos, but once you have good amount of viewers on each of your videos, companies and brands will start noticing you, and eventually they themselves will start offering you to review their products or brands and will send you free of cost, those products that they want you to show and review in your videos.

This might seem pocket pinching at first as you would be buying and reviewing them, but its worth it in the long run.

  • Educational videos

Now, if you are some kind of a teacher or a knowledgeable person in a particular subject or topic or niche, then this type of content is suitable for you.

In this kind of content, you upload educational videos about school subjects or in fact it can be about any subject or products that you want to educate your viewers about.

Education can be about anything, basically you are providing knowledge to your viewers, so knowledge can be about anything, like products, technical things, buildings, roads, city, country, travel, general topics, trending, movies, celebrities etc and the list can be long. But make sure to have your research up-to-date first on whatever topic or subject you choose to make educational videos about.

You should keep in mind what people don’t know about and what are they searching for to have their doubts cleared on.

These kind of videos have huge potential of getting high amount of viewers on each of your videos, as there are numerous people around whole world searching for something to get knowledge about.

  • Entertainment or Comedy Videos

In recent days, these kind of videos have been noticing a very huge amount of views within just very few days of uploading them online. Its very surprising to see that compared to any other kind of videos out there on the entire YouTube, comedy and fun videos have been getting very quick and very high number of overall views, mostly in millions.

One of the reasons that these kind of videos get very quick and high number of views is that last couple of years the world has seen dreadful situations of pandemic where most of the human beings have suffered in one way or the other.

To come out of this stressful mental state of sadness and anxiety of the suffering caused and to divert their mind, people more often choose to open comedy and fun videos mostly whenever they switch up on YouTube.

So these kind of fun and comedy videos can get you numerous amount of viewers and watch hours.

  • Gaming videos

Games are the most favorite thing Kids can have. Now a days even grown-ups are crazy for the games too. This is the most interesting but also most competitive type of niche. There are a countless number of channels on the gaming niche.

Do your research on which game is the most viral at the moment and make videos on it. When you make gaming videos, shorts, montages, etc it is very important to have a good video quality on the video. If you are making gaming videos along  with face cam then make sure your mobile or pc or laptop or whichever camera you use, is good and of high photo and video quality.

A small tip on important things to consider in order to get most views on your videos.

Gaming videos require a background music, without background music trust me nobody will see your videos. If you make gaming videos just with a game play and without any background music, people might watch for a few days because of your good game play but then they will get bored because of the dullness in the video and then they will stop watching your videos.

Gaming videos could go viral the fastest if there is something extraordinary and unique in your videos that nobody has seen before.

In order to make your gaming channel high ranking, you should know how to balance and control your viewers. Aim to get a certain number of views on every video of yours with unique and little different content.

Choose your content and start making videos.

One of the important things to consider if you want to earn out of YouTube is not only the number of views that you should have, but also you should very much focus on getting high number of Watch hours.

Watch hours is mainly the amount of time your viewers stick to your particular video they watch. Summing up the amount of time all of your videos watched, gets you the statistics of total watch hours you have got.

Now, when you cross the YouTube’s target of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in total on your channel overall, you could apply for monetization on your YouTube channel.

After you get approved by YouTube for monetization, you can apply for Google Adsense as we discussed above, you will then start getting ads up and running on your videos and for each ad watched or clicked, you can get paid.

So hope this content might have definitely helped you learn about earning on YouTube.

So Best of Luck with your online earning journey.

Cheers !!!!


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