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How to make Money by Blogging through Instagram

make Money Blogging through Instagram

Are you not able to start making enough Money by Blogging? The primary reason may be low number of traffic (viewers) to your Blog posts. But don’t worry, you can get over this problem with the help of Instagram. Did you know you can make more Money by Blogging through Instagram?

Yes, by now you all might have already known that Instagram is one of the highest used online Social Media platforms. Instagram has surpassed 1 billion+ users mark in the Social Media segment. Today, people from around almost every industry & background around the world is using Instagram one way or the other.

Earlier, Instagram was mainly used to become famous on Social Media by posting different things about one’s self. But with increasing popularity, it became an important and for many, a necessary social media platform of their life.

Be it Celebrities, Businesses, Brands and common people alike, all are on the Instagram for some specific purpose. Celebrities are on Instagram to become and remain more famous and be in eyes of their fans, Businesses are on Instagram for increasing their reach to their customers, Brands are the most beneficiaries from Instagram by getting a wide customer reach by promotion thru Instagram Influencers who have huge and wide amount of fan followings.

Seeing the benefits of this great audience influencing platform, bloggers now have also started using Instagram to reach wide and targeted audience. This way Instagram has become a money making platform for many, and by money making, I mean Serious Money Making….!

Now if you are a blogger having Blog posts on different channels (Blogger, Medium etc.) or have your own Website, but are new to using social media and wondering how can you use Instagram for making money, here’s how :

First of all you need to create a Instagram account if you don’t have one.

Then on your Instagram account, you need to start posting very high and good quality content or posts, which should be relevant to the audience whom you want to target. You need to constantly work on reaching your targeted people and get followings from them on your Instagram account.

Once you are successful in getting a substantial or a high amount of following on your Instagram account, you can get them to visit your Blog posts or your Website by giving links to your Blogs / Websites. This way you will be increasing the amount of traffic to your Blogs / Websites. And if you are a blogger, surely you will be knowing what is the importance of having good amount of  traffic (visitors) on your Bogs / Websites and how can you use different ways to monetize your Blogs / Websites thru this traffic.

But you would be absolutely wondering, How can you get high followings on your Instagram Account, right?

Here’s how,

You will get high followings on your Instagram account either by reaching out people who are on Instagram and directly convincing them to follow you or by making such high value posts and having such an amazing content on your Instagram account that people are convinced to follow your Instagram account.

Here’s a tip, go for the Trends first, search for latest Trends on Instagram and then post similar photos, clips, videos and also don’t forget to use #Hashatags.

For your content to come on the front page on peoples Instagram, you have to use appropriate #Hashatags related to and similar to your content.

I would prefer you post about memes, jokes, riddles as people love these things and different thrillers and theories. Now these are just tips to increase your following on Instagram. But we are here to talk about how to make money by your Blogs or Website using Instagram, we will get to that topic, but first you need to know these tips to increase your following on Instagram. In order to make money out of your Blogs or Website using Instagram, first you need to have a good amount of following on your Instagram.

So first, search for the highest viewed contents on Instagram and then try to make such Videos and use the same #Hashatags of the people who post that content so when people search for them, your Videos and Clips will also come into their Instagram feed because of your #Hashatags.

Second, you will need to keep reminding your viewers to follow your on Instagram account and share it with their friends, if you don’t remind them to share and follow you, what they will do is, they will just watch your content, have some fun and leave your Instagram page. This way your followings won’t increase, and low Instagram following will not be of much help to your Blogs or Website.

Now once your Instagram account has high following, you could post photos and links of your Blogs or Website content on your Instagram pages and get your followers to watch it and click on the links you provided which will take them directly to your Blogs or Website, this way more and more of your followers will be visiting your Blogs or Website and gradually within very less amount of time, the traffic on your Website will increase with a big difference compared tp your other sources of getting traffic (visitors) to your website.

Here one important thing to highlight is #Hashatags. Using #Hashatags related to your Content or Products or Services whatever you are offering on your Blogs or Website, will get people curious to know about the content on your Website related to that #Hashatag and they will almost surely click on your #Hashatags.

Once they are on your Blogs or Website, you are successful in getting your Content or Products or Services in front of those people and you will have more chances of earning money.

With Instagram, your goal is to attract your Instagram visitors to your Website, so make sure that Photos and Videos you are using on Instagram are of very high quality and good sound effects.

If you need a quick workaround to get more followings on your Instagram account in a very short amount of time, here’s one more tip, connect to other Instagram Influencers.

Yes, try to connect to other famous Influencers on Instagram and be their friend. Famous Influencers already have a good or high amount of following on Instagram. By making them your friends, you are increasing your chances of adding up your followers to your account. Not only that, you can directly insist your Influencer friends to promote your Blogs or Website Content or Products or Services. This is a very quick way to reach more people to promote your Blogs or Website.

If you have a lot of good influencer friends who already have a high amount of followers on their Instagram account, you can ask them to promote your items on their Instagram posts. Most of them will demand a price to do it. If they are your close friends, they might promote your Blogs or Website products and services for free.

if not, you will have to pay some amount to those Influencers for promoting your products and Website on their posts and videos.

Once you get this done, people who watch posts or Videos of your Influencer friend,  they will surely visit your Website. This is because they trust those Influencers.

Though, getting high following on Instagram is not over the night job, it takes some time and effort and some tactics, but its worth putting the efforts.

Hope this article was helpful.

Keep Blogging.









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