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How to Make Money By Blogging in 2023

make Money by Blogging

So many of you might be knowing by now that what blogging is, but if you don’t, then let me brief a little about it to you.

But first, let me tell you something that will bring motivational energy into you to start blogging as a part-time or a full time career and will change the way you look at blogging.

I started blogging in 2020, just after the pandemic started, and I also told about it to people I knew, and what I heard the most form them was, “Yeah, whatever…’

But they didn’t know that many bloggers make money with blogging somewhere from $7.50 upto more than $25,000 per month. Well the richest blogger in the world makes $250 million every year. Whoa, that’s a lot of money. You could also make that much if you do it passionately and with heart.

But how does one actually make money with a blog?

I should admit that I had no idea about how one can make money by writing blogs when I started. But I knew it had been possible and I often use to see examples of big bloggers making huge money, so I kept going. Over the years I’ve heard the same thing over and over that bloggers make good money, but only a few know the way to do it. The truth is, bloggers can make money with a number of various ways. That’s the reason there’s something for everybody in blogging. You’ll need to cleverly mix and match things, which is where the magic really happens. Its well know talked about thing that a millionaire has a minimum of five to seven streams of income, meaning their money is coming from a mostly 5 to 7 different sources, so they are not completely hooked in to any single one.

Blogging allows more than five basic streams of income, and you’ll even create separate streams within the streams.

So, let’s dig in to the primary 5 ways bloggers make money.

1. Ads (Advertisements)

You almost certainly know very well now what the heck is this, isnt it ?

We’ve all been to websites or YouTube channels that have ads on them, and we’ve all realized that they are not just putting ads on their blogs out of their love for us. While ads may not be the foremost lucrative income stream, especially at the start, still it’s a considerably good income stream, if you are serious about it, because it’s just not simply putting some code on your site, sitting back, and collecting the checks. It takes your hard and consistent work.

There are 3 methods of using ads to make money :

Public Ad Networks like Google AdSense or Media.net are receptive nearly anyone with a web site. they need rock bottom payout, but you’ll be able to start instantly.

Private Ad Networks like AdThrive, Monumetric, or MediaVine are available to competent bloggers. they need minimum standards for page views, sessions, etc. before you’ll apply, but once accepted, they pay far better than public networks.

Direct Ad Sales includes any ads that you just sell yourself directly to the companies who need to advertise their products / services bypassing the Public Ad Networks or Private Ad Networks mentioned above. The most advantageous thing about this kind of making money is that you can charge whatever amount you think is appropriate for placing Ads on your blog, if the Company thinks it’s worth putting Ads on your blog, they will be ready to pay even higher amounts than those via Public / Private Ad Networks.

2. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is using the blog posts you write to do marketing for a particular product or service.

Like a food blogger creates a recipe with a selected ingredient (in this case, Ingredients are sponsored by company wishing to promote them), or someone who writes about car maintenance shares their weekly cleaning routine during which they use a specific auto product (in this case, that auto product will be sponsored by the manufacturer). In both cases, the blogger would be compensated by the featured products of the company.

When considering sponsored content you should look out to join a program like Tap Influence or Izea which can help you to reach out to businesses that are looking to partner with influencers (You in this case), or else you can reach out directly to brands you would would like work with and pitch them your idea.

Sponsored posts will pay anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars, betting on your experience and blog reach.

Another pay booster might be if you’ve cornered a highly niched market like in the field of fishing or pets etc.

Of course, remember some basic things when sponsoring something on your blog,

1. Always disclose that a post is sponsored. It’s federal law.

2. Limit your sponsored posts to about 20-25% of your content so your blog doesn’t only look like a giant Ad space.

3. Make sure to apply one universal rule that still applies to your sponsored posts i.e provide VALUE to your readers first.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Before you start selling products or services of your own via your blog, you should consider something called Affiliate marketing.

If you’ve ever recommended a product or service to an acquaintance, you understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. The difference is that with affiliate marketing, you not only recommend products and services you like and trust, but you furthermore would be eligible to get a percentage commission when someone buys via your referral. Links to products or services you recommend may be inserted throughout your blogs anywhere, across social media, and within the emails you send to your contact list.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to create a full-scale marketing campaign for somebody else’s product or service, complete with a blog post, email sequence, social media posts, and unique-to-you bonuses (like discount codes etc) that individuals get if they purchase through your link.

An example of Affiliate marketing would be a blogger sharing a how-to blog post with links inside his / her blog posts. Another example would be a home blogger collaborating with a cheese making blogger to market each others courses. They both would coordinate launches, agree to a particular number of blog posts, emails, etc. and share each others courses as their own.

As with sponsored posts, with Affiliate Blogs also you need to disclose about having affiliate links that are within your posts. And don’t forget to apply the universal rule here as well, i.e provide VALUE to your readers first.

4. Selling Products

Your blog is an awesome way to sell products of your own, both digital and physical.

I cannot write here the complete list of products you can sell, but here are the 4 most popular Product categories you can sell :

Digital Products

These are not physical products, these are sold, delivered, and used completely on the Computer. This can include e-books, e-courses, printables etc.

Direct Sales Products

These are one in every of the foremost popular ways to sell products through a blog. These products can be anything, whether yours or anybody else’s. Basically you can sell any physical product this way. Mostly for this kind of selling, you will need an ecommerce website with a payment gateway so that your customers can make the payment on purchase of products on your website.

White Label Products

These are items produced in bulk from manufacturers or wholesalers from any country and you simply can customize along with your branding and sell under your own label. This can be also called dropshipping and is often managed through a third-party site like Shopify.

Print-on Demand Products

These are products that you put a print design on digitally, but they aren’t actually made (or printed upon) until someone orders them. Those products includes branded merchandise, t-shirts, mugs, journals, paperback books, etc. this can be managed through a third-party company like Printful, Amazon etc.

You’re not required to disclose anything about items you’re selling for yourself, but like all other methods of selling, do remember to apply the universal rule, i.e provide VALUE to your readers first.

5. Selling Your Services

A service is anything you are doing for your clients. It may be an in-person service, sort of a handyman, or online, sort of a virtual assistant. Services are quite possibly the best to start making money through your blog if you don’t have a budget to buy anything to sell.

You’ll offer services that match your skill set and your personality. Some services require lots of face-to-face interaction (in person or online), while others are often completely on your own with little to no interaction with people. So if you’re killer with any software knowledge or even MS Office and if you are a hard-core introvert, this way of making MONEY is absolutely for you. If you’re great at organizing, you can provide your service as an Online Business Manager who manages each or various aspects of a business owner’s contracts.

Finally, some Valuable Tips for those who’ve come down till here.

Important Tips for starting a New Blog :

1. Get a suitable Title or Name for your Blog.

2. Get a good Hosting and Domain.

3. Register your Blog (WordPress or Wix etc)

4. Design your blog with a good looking Template or Theme and make it look attractive (instead of just writing posts)

5. Get traffic to your Blog through Social Media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

6. After start getting lot of traffic on your blog, reach out to companies who would need you.

7. Finally, sit, earn, enjoy.

So that’s about it.

There’s essentially no limit to how much you’ll be able to make money as a blogger. Be creative!

Similarly, there’s virtually no limit to what proportion of money you’ll make if you employ multiple methods of earning via blogging. In fact there must be a balance between providing value and making money, but it’s completely feasible to use all of those income streams on your blog.

I hope this article would have got you ready to start blogging now. If so, please share this article with your friends and family, and have a great Blogging journey ahead.

Cheers !

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