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How to make Money Online as a Freelancer

earn Money as a Freelancer

Ways you can make money as a Freelancer

So, you already are very well aware that there are many ways to earn Money Online nowadays and you actually CAN earn Money Online.

But you still might be scratching your head on what exactly should you do on the Internet in order to start making a good handsome amount of Money to say.

So one of the quickest and one can say, the easiest method to start earning Online is to start working as a Freelancer.

Now many of you might not know who is a freelancer and what exactly he/she is doing on the Internet that gets the real Money.

A Freelancer is a person accomplishes some specific tasks online, assigned by the Person or a Company who has hired him/her for doing that particular task.

So let’s see different ways to earn Money as a Freelancer.

  1. Editing

    A person who is into Freelance Editing is called a Freelance Editor.

    The job of a Freelance Editor is to correct writing mistakes in Posts or in any given Online documentations like Website Pages, Posts, Blogs, Product Page Descriptions, or any documents like MS Word, Excel etc.

    A Freelance Editor writes himself and also rectifies the writing mistakes for many of his Clients in their Blogs or Websites.

    What all skills are necessary to become a Freelance Editor?

    To become a Freelance Editor the first thing that you should do is get yourself some Tutoring.

    This can be done by surveying on the internet about how to correct mistakes in the online content.

    You can also learn some editing tools and post editing soft wares. This will enhance and increase your skills levels which will make you a professional in the field of Freelance editing.

    Along with learning editing, you should also practice reading a lot. Why?

    Because more and more reading frequently makes your mind grammatically strong. Ultimately you will spot mistakes quickly and while writing you won’t make mistakes yourself.

    After you master editing, get a job for an editing company and get to a higher and more advanced level and think about what kind of editor you want to turn yourself into.

    Decide the type of editing you like to do and the type of writing problems that you want to solve.

    And finally after all this you have to build your network with many clients and work for them to earn money hourly.

  2. Proof Reading

    The second type of Freelancing job is proof reading, Some of you might have already guessed just by the name what is the meaning of this term proof reading.

    Well, a proof reader is a type of Freelancer who examines the text or scripts after the editor has done editing to them.

    A proof reader searches for further mistakes whether it is grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes or any other spelling mistakes.

    What are the Skills required to become a proof reader?

    In order to become a proof reader, you have to have a little more active mind and pay detailed attention to whatever is written.

    Along with that you need to know the language that you are proof reading for.

    Also you should at least know English extremely well and should be excellent at writing the language.

    Even the way you talk matters and you need to have excellent communication and verbal speaking skills. That’s because the way you talk reflects many a times in your writings.

  3. Content Writing

    Many of you might have heard of the word Content Writing, but might not be knowing much about it.

    A Freelance Content Writer writes and creates interesting content for the Companies or an Individual.

    Content means the subject or you can say all the matter that is written in any Posts, blogs or websites for example.

    The content written could be a theory, a comedy, a humor, a scary story, entertaining, and whatever you think about.

    What all skills would you required to become a Freelance Content Writer?

    To become a Content Writer, as the name suggests, first and foremost, you should know how to write about a given content.

    You should be a good thinker. Subjects and matters related to what you are going to write, should come to your mind pretty much quickly and instantly as you start writing.

    Having said that, this means that, you should be very well aware about the matter that you are going to write about.

    If you do not know much about the matter or the subject that you want to write for, you will end up writing much slower.

    That’s because you would either keep thinking about what to write about it, or you would be searching the internet each and every topic before writing and points of the content to be written.

    Along with writing you should also be able to handle the work of writing in quickest possible time.

    You should be able to finish your work fast and before the deadline, and for that my friend, you will definitely need a very good typing speed.

    Now, last but not the least, you should be able to handle the good and the bad reward about your writing.

    You should be a positive thinker and self motivator, Since you are now ready to hit the blank canvas which you want to fill with your writing creativity.  

    You are going to write and write and write, and ultimately your writings are going to reach a large number of people on the internet, may be locally where you live, or may be worldwide depending on the subject and the Company or the person you are going to write for.

    And many people who read your content will like and praise your writing but at the same point of time, there might be people who might not like your writing. In fact some may criticize your work harshly.

    You should not get de-motivated by whatever praise or criticism you get. You should be determined to just keep writing.

  4. Ghost Writing

    A freelance Ghostwriter is a person who writes anonymously, any Online content for a Company or an Individual person, called as Author who hires them for doing so.

    He/She is called a Ghost Writer because no one comes to know who has written that particular Content or who is the actual author of that Content.

    Why would you be hired as a Ghostwriter ?

    If someone wants to publish a content online, which is already there, like a Website Post, Blog, or any content which needs to be re-written, they hire a Ghostwriter.

    They don’t want to give any credit to the actual author of the content, who in this case is you, a Ghostwriter.

    All the credit is taken away by the Author, your hirer. The Ghostwriter is paid a fee agreed upon for doing it.

    A Ghostwriter is generally paid a good amount of Money and even is paid some advance most of the time, since he/she is not given any credit for writing the content.

    What skills are required to become a freelance ghostwriter?

    In order to become a freelance ghostwriter, first of all you need to have a good amount of thinking capabilities and general knowledge and good writing abilities.

    You need to have the ability to re-write any given topic or content in your own creative way.

    You will have to become a Professional Content Writer so that you can write high quality Copy of the Content, which looks very professional.

    How much Money can you make as a Ghost Writer?

    As a Ghostwriter, you can make a very good amount of Money.

    Reason is Ghostwriters are hired for the high quality of work they are providing, not because they are famous or something as a writer.

    In fact the money paid to them is more than a normal content writer because of the very fact that they are not given any Credit or fame for the writing that they have done.

    If you have a very Professional writing skills creating high quality copy writing, you can make fairly $8000 to $10,000 within span of few months of time for writing contents which are bigger in lengths, like the entire novels, or entire books etc.

    If you have a good amount of experience writing quality contents as a freelance writer, like writing books or e-books, writing website contents, or any other copy writing for any businesses, then this field is very much Lucrative for you.

  5. Grant Writing

    This type of freelance work holds a big responsibility as a freelancer.

    As a Grant writer, you should be highly result oriented.

    You should be able to research well and in detail. You should be able to research for long hours at first, and should also be able to write convincing content.

    You would be still wondering, what is Grant writing all about.

    Grant writing is all about writing proposals to raise funds for one’s client, who are mostly a non-profit organization.

    These proposals are written and sent to the donors, people or companies who are ready to donate the funds to these non-profit organizations.

    Therefore, Grant writers should posses exceptional interpersonal communication skills.

    Because they are asking for funds (money to be specific) from a company or an organization or an individual. And you know very well, asking for funds, or financial matter, is not a simple task. You should have very impressive convincing skills.

    You should also be good at funding research. If you don’t have any idea about the correct sources of the fund donors, your writing abilities alone won’t help get your clients the required funding because you would be approaching and writing to wrong people for fund raising.

    On the other hand, if you possess very good knowledge of fund donors, but if you are poor at convincing writing, you won’t still be able to get your client what they hired you for, i.e fund raising.

    You should be able to write very well crafted fund raising proposals to companies, groups, individuals or government entities.

    How much Money can you make as a Grant Writer?

    The demand for Grand Writers keeps on getting high and high every year.

    Mainly Non-Profit organizations require Grant Writers to get them good amount of funds in order to run their organization smoothly

    Typically you can charge $200 to more than $500 per project, depending on your expertise and experience in Grant Writing field.

    If you are hired by a company on full time basis, you can earn above $50,000 a year, again depending on your expertise.

    Whatever is it that you may be able to earn out of this profession, if you are passionate and overall an expert at convincing people, you should definitely consider working as a Grant Writer and making it your full time profession.


Ok friends,

By now, you all have gained a good amount of knowledge on different types of freelancing work and how much can different freelancing jobs can earn you good amount of money ?

Freelance Content Writers can earn just say around aprx. $25 an hour and can go up to $38,000 per year.

Freelance Ghost Writers can earn between $2000 can go well up to or more than $9000 per book or article or blog or anything you write for your clients.

Freelance Editors make around aprx $25 per hour and can go upto whatever you can ask for depending on the job you take on.

Freelance Grant Writer could make up to aprx. $54,000 per year.

You could also make that much money with persistence and a lot of Hard Work, just choose your freelance type of work and start writing for your clients.

I hope this article of mine definitely would have added some Value to your life in form of knowledge.


Cheers !

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