Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online with Google

make money online with google

Do you know you can Make Money Online with Google?

Few years earlier, the only way to make money was to step out of the house to do any sort of activity (work in a company, buy & sell something, give any kind of services) in order to earn and get money. But today, we all are gifted by technology with a New and a very much exciting way of earning money, without the need of stepping out of house, and that is – earning ONLINE.

Today I will guide you with top 5 sure shot ways which you can use to make money Online with GOOGLE, exactly the place from where you have reached here at this article, that too without the need of stepping out of your home.

Did you know Google is a multi-Billion dollar company, so when I say you can earn Online with GOOGLE, you should NEVER doubt it.

Here are the top 5 ways to earn with Google.

1. Adsense

If you have a Website or any Blog or even a YouTube channel, you can monetize all of them with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense in simple terms, is displaying Advertisements on particular spaces or areas of your Website or Blogs or YouTube channel.

But how can you earn money out of it? When these Advertisements from Google show up on your Website or YouTube channel, and when the visitors who have come on your Website or YouTube channel, watch and click those Advertisements, you get paid by Google. It’s as simple as that.

So the more traffic (people visiting your Website or YouTube channel) you get, more chances of you making money from Google Adsense.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Did you know you can earn just by giving out your Opinion.

Yes you can, with something called Google Opinion Rewards. It’s an app by Google where you are asked certain questions based on your geographics (the place where you live). These questions can be about anything like any Brands you like, or something Trending around your place, or any situations going on around the world, or basically anything around.

If you are a little knowledgeable, active and aware about things going around you and the world, you can answer your opinions to those questions asked by Google Opinion Rewards App and straight away you will be paid some amount.

Isn’t that Great!!!

You might wonder but how will you be getting the real Cash with it. This Google Opinion Rewards App gets funded every time you answer a question session, after reaching certain threshold, you can withdraw those funds from the App to your PayPal Account.

Of course you cannot make a living out of Google Opinion Rewards App, but certainly you can earn a good little extra money if you are consistent and regular on using this App. I have seen someone making $100 each month as an extra side income by using it on very regularly basis. The question session each time is hardly around 1 minute. Giving 1 minute of your time out of whole day for anything you get, even if its small amount, is not worthless I suppose.

For detailed step-by-step guide on how to register and set up Google Opinion Rewards App, visit this Article.

3. Google Remote Careers

At any point of time during your Online earning / journey, if you get de-motivated or frustrated of not being able to earn quick money with your Online hustle (as Online earning needs patience, but ultimately it definitely gives you much more money than you expected), and you just tell yourself that it was better to do a Job in a company (which you still had quit earlier out of frustration being trapped in 9 to 5 cat race) because it gave you Salary at the end of each month, then my friend, I would like to stop you before you go back for that 9 to 5 cat race, because if you want to do a Job to earn quick money, you still can do it by working for the biggest million Dollar company in the world, which is GOOGLE.

And the best part of working with Google is you don’t need to actually go to the physical office of Google, you can work in Google right from the comfort of your home. You would be working in the same way as you would be working in the office of Google, but now Virtually Online.

There are a wide range of Jobs opportunities with Google Remote Careers like in customer representative, administration, operations, engineering, computer programming, coding etc. You can work from your home or if you are a freelancer working out some other stuff online, then you can also work with Google Remote Careers along side

That’s a very good option to go for if you possess some good Skill in any field like technical, administration, management etc.

4. Google Books Partner Program

If you are an author, or a writer, this option can be a great one to go for.

You can earn money from your writing skills by joining Google Books Partner Program, How?

You have to first of all write the book of your interest or topic you are expert at. You can write the book Online as an EBook or as a print version. You can then sign up on Google Books Partner Program, and after signing up, you can then directly sell your book at Google play store without need to go via a publisher or any other company who can publish your book. You are the owner of the book and you are the publisher. Great right?

Now for you to start earning money from your book, as with any other products, you need to get more sales of your book by getting more people to downloading it on the Google Play Store. For that you need to make sure the title of your book is very much attractive, the cover of your book is attention grabbing.

You can set different pricing for your books on Google Play Store depending on the region, languages etc.

5. Blogger

Here I am talking about the platform Blogger, not any random blogger.

If you want to become a blogger, this is a highly recommended platform, which is run by Google.

On Blogger, you can straight away start putting your Blog Posts. You don’t need to have a paid platform like WordPress or Wix etc. in order to upload your Blog Posts on the internet.

With Blogger, as with other platforms, you can monetize and earn from your blogs with Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing, all free of cost.

You need to write a very good and quality content, have a good amount of traffic (visitors to your blogs) after which you can start monetizing your blogs.

Infact, I would suggest you to go for Blogger instead of directly publishing your posts through paid platforms like WordPress etc. The reason is there are many people visiting Blogger platform searching for topics of their interest. There are high chances of people coming across your blog posts on Blogger if your blogs have quality content. This way first you can immediately start getting good amount of traffic on your blogs and once you have considerable amount of traffic, you can then shift on WordPress or Wix etc which can give you higher traffic exposure because these platforms are rich in other features and you can have a very good and captivating design of your Website and Blogs to attract more viewers.

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