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3 Things you really need to Make Money Online in 2023

Make Money Online

Hello Newbie Bloggers !

In this article, I am going to walk you thru and divert your attention a little towards some important considerations for Making Money online, which normally no one considers paying attention to.

By now, you would have definitely  opened up your browser and typed in several times about how to make money online, its not new now, and by doing so, you would have come across loads and loads of websites showing you different ways how to make money online, like developing a websiteranking your site higher, doing affiliates, getting people to buy your memberships and subscriptions, sticking ads to your site,   selling e-books….etc etc etc.. and what not. isn’t it ? True !

But here I am not going to tell you about all that, since by now you would be already aware of what all necessary steps are required to start a blog or a website, but still, for all those steps , you can check my blog later, when you have already hopped on to the journey of blogging.

But this article is mostly about Motivating To Write. Yes, Its to Motivate you to do what it takes to keep up doing what you should be doing to earn online, i.e Write. If you have started writing and incase you feel demotivated, which is what happens to many newbie bloggers, including myself even till 6 months when I started, then this article is absolutely for you and it will definitely help you keep blogging.

In this time of uncertainty in the field of Jobs, Business and earning money as a whole after the dreadful pandemic hit the whole world last year in 2020, many people who were laid off the job, or who had losses in their businesses have moved towards making money online in a hope to earn something at least to make the ends meet and survive thru the financial hit that they had.

And in the desperation, people flock to the net and start searching about how to make money online, thereby coming across some Youtube Videos & blog posts of people giving examples and case studies of themselves of making handsome amount of money (Earning Reports) out of  blogging, and one immediately dives into the blogging ocean (ocean I would say it, as one may get waves of money upon diving in it, or may sink into it & disappear !!!).

But many, rather I would say majority of them, start creating websites after buying the Hosting and Domain, and they start writing blogs about anything, without proper planning and the vision of what they want to ultimately achieve out of the websites or blogs they have started creating. And the result, after few months of writing, or even in some instances, after just few days of writing, one gets badly demotivated to write about something. As days pass by, each new day when they sit to write, they think that its a waste of time that I am doing, they think that they are not going to get any immediate result (or, to be honest, immediate Money) out of this writing, and they eventually,  Give Up Writing. This is the harsh and true fact.

Here are my few suggestions & Words of Motivation to all Bloggies (Newbie Bloggers)

First of all Free Yourself.
Before you Sit down to start writing your blog, Free yourself of any other pending things or stuff that might be left out to finish during your day time, because if you sit down to write with those pending to-do jobs or any other things in your mind, then you would not be able to focus on Writing. And if you do-not-focus,  no matter how hard you try, you would not be able to finish even  single blog post properly in time, many a times. So be free of any Pending stuffs before writing.

Secondly → Stay Healthy.
That’s a fact. Some of you might ask, what’s it with staying healthy in order to write ? We have just to sit and write, right ? Yes, but that fact is that in order for you to be successfully start earning money from your Blogging or Website, you need to constantly write and write and write, if you want to have success as fast as possible. If you do not write each & everyday, you are not going to make money any time sooner. And in order to write for long hours, every single day, you need to stay healthy, as sitting for long time might put strain on any of your back muscles. Therefore, you need to do some light exercises or yoga, on daily basis in order to Stay Fit to be able to sit down for long hours to Write.

Third → Don’t Give Up.
One thing that I would like to tell each Newbie Blogger, who already have their bet on Blogging is, Don’t Give Up !!!

After first few days of your excitement, you might  → start getting Lazy to Write → start getting demotivated → starting to doubt the blogging thing itself → start getting frustrated → ultimately Stop Writing at all.

Take my advice, you can do this Website and Blogging thing in the late Evenings or in the Nights, while continuing the day Job, whatever little or more you might be doing during the day time to earn. You should not completely Stop doing anything and start doing the Blogging Full Time from the very 1st day. If you do that, surely you are going to get demotivated at any point of time in the near future.

So this was my small effort to Motivate you to become a Successful Blogger.

Hope you liked it & felt Motivated.

Keep Blogging.

Cheers !

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